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The past year has, for me, included a lot of introspection. It was non-intended, though somehow I naturally seemed to flow into that state.  I’ve examined more closely the “why’s”, the “what’s” and the “where’s” … I’ve taken more time to listen to my inner self and to try to better express myself effectively through my music and my audiences and with my interaction with others.  Through recordings we are fortunate to capture snippets or essences of a certain point in our evolution as musicians. As I continue to write and prepare for my upcoming recording project, scheduled for September 2018, I invite you to listen to some excerpts of a few of my original songs. They are continually evolving, taking shape, form and colour … this is how I feel them now. Come recording time with my trio, they will transform into something even deeper and richer.

I will be posting an excerpt of one of my original songs each month starting in April so stay tuned.

Untitled Four
Composer: A. Petrity

I am writing a series of songs to which I have not provided titles.  It allows listeners to feel and interpret the music on their own terms.

You Needed Me
Composer: Randy Goodrum ~ Arranged by A. Petrity

Although this is not my original composition, I felt that I could make this song my own with my interpretation. The beautiful melody - which in itself is like an earnest profession - seemed to allow for a lot of chord movement. This song embraces the strength that we are capable of giving to one another. It is very much about love at it’s deepest.

What If I
Music / Lyrics: A. Petrity

I have indeed experienced those moments where I wonder about the choices I have made; the choices in career path and jobs, choices in relationships, choices in education … I have wondered from time to time where I would be, what I would even look like or be like if I had chosen different routes. This song is not about regret. It is about wondering - What If I … 

Falling Out of Love with Love
Composer: A. Petrity

The first of several musical tidbits for you to enjoy.