Pianist Andréa Petrity's debut CD, "It's About Time", was recorded in August 2014 and showcases her talents as a composer and arranger featuring her original compositions and fresh arrangements of familiar standards. She is very happy and feels blessed to have recorded this CD with such lovely and talented Calgary musicians which include her regular trio members Stefano Valdo on bass and Robin Tufts on drums. Saxophonist Pat Belliveau joins them on a few tunes.

Read a copy of the CD Press Release.   Read  CD Review by Chris Spector, Paul McCann, Sheila Thistlewaite, and others.

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In the autumn of 2014 MAPL released their first recording, "Canadian Songbook", featuring fresh arrangements of some great Canadian tunes as well as original, instrumental compositions.

MAPL brings together the talents of five musicians who share a love of improvisation and great songwriting. The group tackles the Great Canadian songbook and reworks some classic Canadian songs. The result is a musically sophisticated, but highly accessible hybrid of jazz and pop that has been pleasing audiences in the Calgary area since 2010.

Visit MAPL's website for more information about the group.

Track Listing & Selected Audio Clips