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Chirs Spector, of Midwest Record Review, has this to say about Andréa's It's About Time  ... "How are you not going to like a jazz piano lady with enough of a sense of humor to call one of her instrumental tracks “PMS”?  After getting your attention with that original, she goes on to get you with a mixed bag of chestnuts that never go out of style even when over exposed, like “Harlem Nocturne” and others.  A sweet and tasty diversion, she never fails to impress no matter which configuration of musos she’s showcasing in.  Solid stuff throughout."

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BC Musicians Magazine reviewed Andréa's It's About Time CD in their July 10, 2015 issue.  They wrote this about Andréa's rendition of Todd Dameron's If You Could See Me Now ...  "a solo piece of post bop romanticism.  Her investigation is of beauty and without falling into clieché, her music sounds joyful."

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Sheila Thistlethwaithe, who reviewed Andréa's CD Release Party at the National Music Center, had this to say "It's About Time is a gorgeously crafted structure with a teasing, fragile melody over an insistent beat that lets the listener wander and then pulls us back, over and over".

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CD Press Release by Sheila Thistlethwaithe quotes drummer Robin Tufts  "For the CD we picked the takes that had the most magic.  Andréa's tunes move me, and almost play themselves".

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